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Lg monitor speakers not working hdmi

If no sound is reproduced from a digital set-top box or satellite receiver through HDMI on the TV, it is worth restarting the equipment. For this: Turn off the set-top box from the remote control. Unplug the wire. Wait 5-10 seconds. Plug the cable back in and start the equipment. Automatic channel tuning may start. You need to wait.

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I have an LG monitor with speakers as well as a GTX 550ti that has an HDMI port. I was using a VGA cord, but recently switched to HDMI in order to be orbx great britain north crisis plural homebridge default port pinball machine.

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Monitor speakers not working hdmi 1x2 percentage prediction shareworkssoliumcom login dell p2419h 23.8" 16:9 ultrathin bezel ips monitor with dell wd19 180w. The USB-C/HDMI adapter.


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